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Are you a luxury resort?

We are a small, family-owned establishment that provides simple, clean, and secure accommodations in a convenient location at affordable prices. As of this time, we are not a full-service resort. Services, amenities, and facilities are basic but comfortable.

Do you accept reservations? 
Yes, we do accept reservations directly through our official website. We require FULL payment to confirm all reservations.

Do you accept credit cards?
We accept payment via PayPal. For any unpaid charges due on arrival, we accept cash (Philippine Pesos) and credit card.

Do you have water cottages (cottages built on stilts over the water)?
No, MaryGold is located on El Nido town's beachfront, but is NOT built on the water.


Is MaryGold on the beach or in the town?

MaryGold is the centermost hotel along the beach. It is just a few doors down from the town's most popular restaurants and stores. The town hall or town plaza can be reached within half a minute by foot.

What is your beachfront like?
MaryGold has the longest stretch of beachfront, as well as the widest, along El Nido's town beach. This makes it a popular venue for vactioners to sunbathe or kick around a soccer ball. The town beach, however, is not El Nido's attraction.

The true beauty of El Nidos beaches can be appreciated by taking a boat tour to the surrounding islands, where the beaches are powdery white and the water is crystal clear. Along the town's beachfront, the sand is a light shade of tan. Water clarity and fineness of sand depends on the season.

Do your published rates include breakfast? Tours?
All room rates come with complimentary light breakfast (choice of Continental, American, or Filipino breakfast). Island-hopping tours can be arranged separately.


If you would like to arrange an all-inclusive tour package, please contact any accrediated travel and tours company. Our  Puerto Princesa-based booking office, Harbour Bay Travel & Tours, can customize a package for you as well.

How can I arrange island-hopping tours?
While we do not have our own island-hopping service, we are happy to assist guests in booking a tour with a boat guide from the El Nido Pumpboat Owners and Operators Association. You can also arrange tours yourself through any of the many tour operators scattered throughout town.

What happens during power outages?

Power outages are very common in the town of El Nido. Thankfully, our generator can power air-conditioners, lights, fans, and outlets regardless of power outage (shower heaters will be temporarily unavailable). This is a rare find among hotels in El Nido.


Is there a restaurant in MaryGold?
At this time, our beachfront hut offers flame-grilled burgers, snacks, and refreshments--most notably, the Philippines' popular shave ice dessert, halo-halo. However, MaryGold is located within a minute's walk of the town's most popular canteens and restaurants.

Do you have rooms with kitchens?
No. For safety purposes, guests are not allowed to cook within the premises.

Do your rooms have hot showers?
Yes, all guest rooms are equipped with hot water showers. However, these are temporarily unavailable during power outages.

How often does housekeeping clean rooms?
In order to ensure the guest's security and privacy, rooms are cleaned only when requested.

Which of your rooms is the largest?
Our Deluxe and Townside Rooms do not differ much in size (approximately 17.5m² (188ft²). Our more spacious units are our cottages: Dominique, Jessica, and the 2 rooms of Maru Cottage.

Is there a problem with water pressure in your bathrooms?
Most hotels in El Nido use overhead water tanks. As a whole, therefore, the town of El Nido does not have high water pressure.  Water pressure tends to be weakest when guests use the showers at the same time (usually between 4:00 to 6:00PM). If you experience any difficulty with water pressure during your stay, kindly inform our front desk and we will send maintenance staff to attend to the matter immediately.

Can you replace the single bed with a double bed and vice versa?
Since we are a small operation only, the beds are not interchangeable.

Are there any chickens/roosters or other pets in your place?
MaryGold does not keep any animals on resort premises. If you find a trespassing stray, kindly inform inn staff immediately.


Is El Nido prone to tsunamis?
Aside from heavy rains, the Philippines was unaffected by the 2004 tsunami.


Is malaria a danger in El Nido?
Malaria is more common in isolated, rural areas, but mosquitoes abound anywhere in the Philippines. Hence, it would be wise to apply mosquito repellent diligently. A more common nuisance found in Palawan beaches is the sandfly.

What are sandflies (niknik)?

Niknik are tiny insects that are barely visible to the eye but love to feast on travelers. They are most rampant from late afternoon onward and bites tend to start causing itchiness at night and over the next few days. Though people react differently to sandfly bites, we advise all travelers to stay protected with oils and DEET insect repellents when visiting beaches like Las Cabanas, Nacpan, Lio, and Duli.

Is there a hospital in El Nido?
No, but there is a public health center, a small private medical center, and a private doctor in town. Many individuals in town are also trained in basic first aid procedures. The nearest hospital is one hour away in the town of Taytay. The town dentist is also available for basic dental needs. El Nido has at least two pharmacies offering most non-prescription drugs.


Is there police presence for tourists?
MaryGold Beachfront Inn is located directly across the street from the Municipal Police Station of El Nido and also has its own private security guards in the premises. A Philippine Navy base is also within an hour's reach.


Is there a nearby church?
Yes, there are several churches of different Christian denominations in the town proper. Some churches found in El Nido are: Roman Catholic, Baptist Church, 7th Day Adventist, Jehovah's Witnesses, and El Shaddai.

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When is the best time to visit El Nido?
El Nido's climate consists of two seasons: generally dry (tag-araw), from December to May, and wet (tag-ulan), from June to November.

Is the information provided by travel books up-to-date?
Improvements in MaryGold were effected beginning June 2007 only. Hence, travel tips regarding our accommodations would, in fact, be outdated. Our air-conditioned rooms were also renovated in 2015. While the sights and tours have remained about the same, travelers should be advised of changes in transport info and lodging rates.

What languages do the locals speak?
Local residents speak Tagalog and the local dialect of Cuyunon. Most locals understand English and can speak it, at the very least, in bits and pieces.


What are the roads like from Puerto Princesa to El Nido?
Around 99% of the way has been paved, but the 2 kilometers are gravel only and makes for a bumpy ride. The route no longer experiences flooding as in years past.


What kind of food should I expect to find in restaurants?
Restaurants are more diverse nowadays but many still typically serve seafood as their specialty.

Are there any fast food restaurants in El Nido?
No, the nearest fast food is 5-6 hours away, in Puerto Princesa. Most dishes are cooked from scratch and therefore require longer preparation time than normal.


I'm vegetarian/vegan. Where can I eat in El Nido?
Most restaurants have vegetarian options or will customize your meals based on personal preferences.


Are the waves in El Nido right for surfing?
There are undeveloped beaches fit for surfing one hour drive from town, but waves are generally hard to come by. Surfing has yet to gain popularity in Palawan.


Is there 24-hour electricity in El Nido?
Yes, but power outages are common.

Do you have WiFi ?
Yes, MaryGold provides free WiFi Internet access for guests, available 24 hours a day even during power outages--for as long as the internet service provider is not down.

What banks or ATMs are available in El Nido?
There is one ATM located at the lobby of the Municipal Hall, just a minute's walk away. It is an RCBC Bancnet/Megalink bank and it accepts international cards. Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) now has a branch in town and an ATM.

Note: There are occasional days when the ATMs' cash supply is empty while waiting for reloading. Monetary transactions/transfers are also available at local pawnshops.

Where can I get my laundry done?
Laundry services can be found easily while walking around town. Our in-house laundry rate is PHP70.00 per kilo. Laundry is washed by hand, sun-dried, without ironing/pressing.

How can I make a call to loved ones?
The primary mode of communication in El Nido is by mobile phone (no traditional landline telephones). Cellular networks available are Globe Telecom and Smart Telecom. Credits for local prepaid subscriptions can be purchased at most convenience stores. Long-distance calls can be made from The El Nido Boutique and Art Cafe. 

I'm a bit uncomfortable travelling with a large amount of cash.
We understand that this is a big concern for El Nido vacationers. Guests are welcome to pay for their accommodations in full prior to their arrival via local bank deposit or PayPal. We also accept credit cards on arrival; however, we do experience occasional difficulty in connecting the terminal.


How can I change my foreign currency to Philippine Pesos?
Several stores in the town proper, such as the El Nido Boutique and Art Cafe, exchange foreign currencies and cash travellers checks. Most places exchange US Dollars, Euros, British Pounds, HK Dollars, Australian Dollars, Japanese Yen, and Singapore Dollars.

Do stores, restaurants, and other services accept credit cards?
While most operate on a cash only basis, there are a handful of places that accept credit cards, such as El Nido Boutique and Art Cafe.

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